My writing has appeared in a number of publications, including Comic Book ResourcesBook RiotFusion, the Literary Review of Canada, the Queen’s Law Journal, the Manitoba Law Journal, and the Canadian Journal of Law and Society.

My full portfolio is available at Muck Rack, but here are some of the highlights:

Comics and Popular Culture

Marvel’s Silk Explored Trauma, and Became Great in the Process (Comic Book Resources)

No, Diversity Didn’t Kill Marvel’s Comic Sales (Comic Book Resources)

The Legend of Wonder Woman‘s Cancellation and Silencing Criticism (Book Riot)

2012 Was the Start of a New Golden Age of Comics (Comic Book Resources)

These Aren’t the Carbs You’re Looking For: A Geek Guide to Breakfast (Book Riot)

Law and Politics

Here’s How Much Damage Donald Trump Could Do on His First Day as President (Fusion)

Here’s How Barack Obama Might Just End Up on the Supreme Court (Fusion)

How an Outdated Process Is Undermining Voting Power for People of Color(Fusion)

Legal History

The Fix Is In: Exploring the Role of Gerrymandering in Canadian Political History (Literary Review of Canada)

The Gerrymander and the Commission: Drawing Electoral Districts in the United States and Canada (Manitoba Law Journal)